Celia Revere

"Tricia is an awesome teacher, whose class I loved going to each week for many years. Learning from her at a young age inspired in me a lifelong love of singing and introduced me to wonderful music that I would not have otherwise been exposed to. Her fun and engaging instruction also gave me a basis for music theory and performance skills that have continued to serve me well throughout the rest of my musical and general education. I would highly recommend her classes."

Karen Banks-Lubicz

"Tricia is an uber-talented, colorful, creative artist who understands how children learn music. She is constantly coming up with new hands on approaches that also make learning fun for her students. Her beautiful voice and lively guitar playing have a mesmerizing effect and inspire her students to create music alongside her."

Karen worked directly with Tricia at OTSFM, Ravinia Festival, & CATS Creating Arts Together With Songs

Geraldo De Oliveira

"Tricia is an amazing music teacher and entertainer. Her multilingual capabilities add an extra advantage to her outstanding skills. If you need someone to introduce your kids to the world of music, Tricia is the one."  

Geraldo, as worked directly with Tricia through Ravinia Festival and CATS performing many concerts

Chuck Cheesman

"I worked with Tricia at Old Town School of Folk Music for several years. Tricia is an extremely creative, energetic educator and performer of music for children. When I first began teaching at OTSFM, I was fortunate to observe a number of her classes. I took things from those classes that I then used in my own classes. I highly recommend her work, and I am certain children of all ages will benefit from and enjoy her musical programs."

Carlos Cornier

"I've known Tricia as a colleague at the Old Town School of Music for over 15 years, and as a co-performer at various schools around the city. We have also played and recorded together in a band called Grupo Botanica and also as a duo in different settings. She is an excellent performer with children and a great storyteller. She has extreme patience with children. Besides storytelling, she also knows rhythms and their history. She's a fabulous singer and entertainer. Tricia is a great group leader. I have experienced this in the studio in recording various works." 

Jenna Murfin

 "Tricia is a wonderful and warm performer, bringing music and tradition alive for kids of all ages! She is a talented solo act but can also head a full band for a bigger sound. Her skill as an educator translates into her performance style and her commitment to the cultures underpinning the music she plays and writes shines through in her work." 

Jenna, booked Tricia for performances for the OTSFM

Laura West

 "Tricia is an energetic, engaging, and entertaining musician and teacher.  Tricia taught my students to play instruments, write music and melodies, and more.  We collaborated to ensure the lessons were aligned to the language arts and music standards.  She is very patient and understanding of all children and was great with my students who had special needs.  My students looked forward to her class each week because it was a great creative outlet for them.  It was great to see that some of my students who struggled the most academically excelled at creating rhythms and songs with Tricia.  I am sure that Tricia's classes will be magnificent and am sad that I no longer live in the Chicago area so my son could be enrolled in one of them." 

Grace Sanchez

"Me gusta como canta Y las canciones me fascinan I Love how she sing and all the songs."

Peg Lehman

"Tricia is a gifted professional musician and educator with many years of experience and success working with children of all ages. In her music residencies as a teaching artist with Ravinia Festival, I watched her teach young Chicago school children complex rhythmic patterns and syncopated melodies, inspiring them to amazing heights of creativity and performance. She is a pro and brings excellence to whatever she does."

Peg worked with Tricia at Ravinia Festival and CATS Creating Arts Together With Songs 

The Battersby Duo

"Tricia is an excellent musician, and we are delighted to recommend her to anyone who is interested in taking classes at her new music school CATS Creating Arts Together With Songs.  We have always found Tricia to be highly accomplished and extremely professional with Children and music integration." 

Tim and Laura

 (Performers and composers of music for children at The Battersby Duo ) was with another company when working with Tricia at CATS Creating Arts Together With Songs 

Padraic Romfh

 "Tricia is an amazing and engaging musician who has a wonderful way of bringing kids into her songs and classes. She taught classes for both of our children, and we've enjoyed her music as a family for many years!" 
Service Category: Musician
Year first hired: 2006 (hired more than once)
 Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative
 "Tricia is an amazing and engaging musician who has a wonderful way of bringing kids into her songs and classes. She taught classes for both of our children, and we've enjoyed her music as a family for many years!" 
Service Category: MusicianYear first hired: 2006 (hired more than once) 
Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative

Michael Miles

"Tricia is a superb artist and educator. I had the privilege of seeing her

the results of her work, year after year, where she brought out the

absolute best in children through challenging their imaginations and

bringing the unbridled joy of music making into their


Michael (Teaching Artist at Ravinia Festival )

worked directly with Tricia at CATS Creating Arts Together With Songs 

Claire Sebastian

"Very detail oriented.Completes all tasks assigned in preparation for billing/reimbursement, and payroll on a timely basis. When confronted with a problem she does not hesitate to seek solutions over and above her departmental responsibilities. Will research materials until she obtains answers to all questions, and implementing correct and accurate measures to facilitate the work effort."

Claire managed Tricia indirectly at TS WORKS LLC

Jamie Wolf

 "I had the privilege of working with Tricia when she was a Teaching Artist through Ravinia who partnered with Chicago Public Schools. Her creativity, gentle spirit, fun, and musical excellence has inspired hundreds of children around the Chicago area!" 

Juan Dies

 "I have known Tricia for over 15 years. She has always been very engaging and creative with children. Her songs not only entertain, but they also invite the children and their parents to participate emphasizing that music making is a communal activity that builds bonds between people. 

Tricia has developed as an artist and an educator through some of Chicago's most renowned institutions. Now she has established her own academy CATS which is the logical next step, and will allow her to bring all her experience all under one roof." 

Dafna Nussbaum

“Tricia is a great singer, teacher, and overall entertainer.”

William Brickey

“Tricia is a very gifted and talented musician. Her voice is stellar and

her educational sensibilities about music are insightful and inspired.

I worked with Tricia at the Old Town School of Folk Music and was

blessed to see her grow and hone her craft. Very personable and very

good judgement.”

Christ Andronis

"Enthusiasm, a love for her craft and talent add up to a winning combination."
Christ worked with Tricia at CATS Creating Arts Together With Songs 

Laura Doherty

“I worked with Tricia at the Old Town School of Folk Music for nearly 15 years. She's an amazing and passionate teaching artist, musician and arts educator, specializing in Spanish bi-lingual music for kids. She's also recorded wonderful albums for children. I highly recommend her and she is a stellar candidate for runnning her own teaching/music business! Laura Doherty children's musician educator at Old Town School”